Is there a right way to meditate?

People often ask me what is the best way to meditate or to learn to meditate? And honestly, there is no best way. There are so many different ways of meditating. There are so many different meditation teachers, styles and techniques.

Do different meditations.  Listen to many on YouTube.  Go to different classes.  See what you like and what serves you best. There are so many different types of meditation. But if you are looking to just quiet your mind, simply do that.  You can use instrumental music. You can use sounds like the ocean or nature sounds.  You can just focus on that sound.

Practice being in what you are listening to and letting go of all thoughts and all control over things by you.  Just be in this moment, in the present moment. So, practice mindfulness, that is a form of meditation as well being in the moment. So that is one way that you can meditate, just by listening to sounds or music and just letting go of the thought in your mind.  Another way as I mentioned was by using guided meditations, but again, there are so many different options.

Don’t give up.  Do what feels good for you, and you will find it.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day.  Namaste!

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