With a grateful heart, I thank you!

2020 was supposed to be a year of celebration!  Why, because my dreams to serve led to me become a yoga teacher and Reiki Master 10 years ago! The plan was to throw a 10 year anniversary party and invite all of you! But the universe had a different plan for me, as you will see below.  I want to express my gratitude to you all for being a part of my journey. Truly it has been each of you that has made up the puzzle pieces of who I have become. I am who I am because of the experiences I have with you.

The Universe didn’t have a party in mind for 2020 but it did have big plans for me. I know you have noticed the studio is still not open and at this time I have no idea when it will be. Things have been changing and in times of change, we must do our very best to adapt. Biggest and best lesson my special needs students have taught me, how to adapt and I am grateful.  In the spirit of change, I have some BIG announcements. The first one is the NEW website and a new name! Why? Well, I have done a lot of healing, growing and changing myself during the pandemic. One thing I have realized was that I was still in resistance to being my authentic self and doing the service I was supposed to do. By allowing myself to be more exposed online, I practiced finding comfort in the uncomfortable.  Bringing my practice online has enabled me to serve more people and that is why I am here, to serve.  Read on to learn the new name and how I’m using the new website to make myself more available to all of you.  

In 2018 I hung a sign on the fridge that read “I will take daily action to be comfortable on video”. I did a few Facebook Lives that year, but I was still resistant to exposing myself on the internet!  2020 changed that! Overnight in March my doors closed leaving all of my healing clients, kids and special needs yoga students and my courses having be taught online via Zoom. It was time to practice every tool in my toolbox, follow my intuition and flow! I was ready!

In 24 hours, my schedule as I knew it flipped and easily shifted to accommodate everyone by using Zoom. I was in alignment to serve and all was flowing. And would you believe it, all my kids and special needs individuals adapted easily and effortlessly.  The world may have been hibernating, but I was as busy as ever and able to continue to serve all those who were in need by using Zoom.

Through this pandemic I have continued to hold the space for the highest good with my thoughts and actions. I have continued to send healing to all in need and for the greatest good. Holding the space and sending light, love and healing is all what I could and can do!

I quickly adhered to a new mantra during this time, “Always see the good”.  I have heard myself say this often. I have felt myself beaming with gratitude for Zoom. I am now serving people all around the country.  I am serving those who are in quarantine and those who are at high risk.  The anxiety and uncertainty of 2020 has created a greater need for yoga, mindfulness and healing.  Now more than ever we need to connect with our light, our peace, and our flow! I am so grateful to have been able to continue to serve during this year. 

Like many of you, I worked on myself quite a bit over the last 9 months. Although my schedule was packed and I was serving more people than ever before, I was also gifted more time for myself.  Being able to work from home, freed up time for my own self-care and growth. I WAS doing the work; healing old traumas, releasing all that does not serve my highest good and clearing my own resistance. 

Through this, I followed my intuition, pushed through the resistance and realized it was time for me to embrace technology and serve more people outside of my hometown studio. This brings me to now.  After 10 years, I am changing the name of the studio and created a new website and social media platforms to better serve the community and bring both sides of myself together.  The new name is A Rae of Light Wellness.

The new website has much to offer including on demand classes, meditations and kids’ and special needs yoga videos.  I am excited to tell you I created an On Demand Energetic Wellness Course, inspired by my Energetic Shielding and Cord Cutting class that used to be taught in studio.  Learning how to shield, clear and cut cords is one of the most important classes I teach and in the past, I couldn’t schedule it as often as I would’ve liked to.  So I added much more to it! This knowledge is life changing and now available anytime for you On Demand. 

My signature class Healing with the Angels will be livestreamed every third Wednesday evening each month and I will be hosting other livestreams regularly. 

To better serve you I have also created energy healing packages to support your self-care needs. Oh, one last thing, by popular request I am now also doing 5-10 minute video readings.  There is lots to love about the new website.  I hope you enjoy it!

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