Private Offerings

Danielle Rae is an eclectic energy worker practicing full time since 2010.  She is certified in many healing, coaching and holistic modalities. Sessions are designed to best serve the client and their needs. As an intuitive and empath, Danielle supports clients in a unique way on their journey. Whether they are doing one session or doing a deep dive into their healing and transformation, all will be guided. Danielle is passionate about teaching others tools to live their best lives, which is why she is also a coach. Coaching enables you to go beyond healing, it empowers you with an understanding of what needs healing, realigning and provides you with tools to incorporate into daily life.

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Appointments are made by length of time instead of the experience so that they can be personalized.  Contact Danielle via email or phone to schedule appointments via Zoom. Recordings available upon request.

First time Tapping and Energy Healing clients require a 90 minute getting to know you session. which includes an intuitive reading which is personally designed for you.

Energetic Wellness Sessions

Single Sessions: 60 Minutes – Exchange $120

Energy Healing

(Reiki. Angelic Healing, Inner Child Healing, Cord Cutting, Chakra Healing) includes some intuitive and energetic coaching

Coaching Session

Energetic Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, may include energy healing or Tapping

Angel or Oracle Card Readings

Intuitive Reading and Full Card Spread

Sound Healing & Meditation

Guided Meditation and Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls, infused energy healing                                        

Breath-Work &

Personally designed for your goals, may include some coaching or energy healing                               

Tapping & Coaching Session

EFT, EFT Energy, TFT may include some meditation and energy work            


Trauma-Informed Yoga & Yoga for Anxiety & Depression includes breathwork and meditation. For kids yoga or yoga for individuals with special needs, click here.

Combination Sessions: 90-Minute – Exchange $175

Energy Healing & Reading

Coaching & Reading with some Energy Healing

Tapping & Coaching with Energy Healing Session

Sound Healing with any 60-minute Session

Combination Sessions: 120-Minute – Exchange $230

Sound Healing with any 90 minute Session

Package Sessions

If you are ready to heal on the deepest level, create expansion, deepen your connection to self and learn the tools to live in your highest frequency, you may want to consider a package. Transformation in all areas of our lives happens when you work on yourself regularly and with intention. Packages are by the hour so that you can choose the way your package looks. 

Transformation Package

Includes 12 hours of sessions. 3 months of Healing with the Angels group class, text connect for upkeep and unlimited distance healing requests $1325 ($1700 Value)

Stay in Flow Package

Includes 6 hours of sessions and 1 Healing with the Angels group class $620 ($740 value)

Additional Offerings

Contact Danielle to personalize and discuss these offerings.

Intuitive Youth

Session is a combination of yoga and some energetic wellness offerings that support the child.

Remote Energy House or Business Clearing

Similar to smudging with Sage or Pali Santo a home this distance house cleansing is done via Reiki, Angelic and Intuitive energy work.


Reiki Master and Teacher mentorship or Special Needs Yoga Teacher

Yoga for Special Needs Individuals and Children’s Yoga Click Here

Purchase Options

Contact Danielle for alternative payment options like Venmo or Zelle.

Contact 516-526-2334 or email to schedule