Private Energetic Wellness Sessions


Private energy healing sessions with Danielle Ray.

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Choose a single or combination of the following private offerings.

Energy Healing

(Reiki. Angelic Healing, Inner Child Healing, Cord Cutting, Chakra Healing) includes some intuitive and energetic coaching

Coaching Session

Energetic Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, may include energy healing or Tapping

Angel or Oracle Card Readings

Intuitive Reading and Full Card Spread

Sound Healing & Meditation

Guided Meditation and Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls, infused energy healing

Breath-Work & Meditation

Personally designed for your goals, may include some coaching or energy healing

Tapping & Coaching Session

EFT, EFT Energy, TFT may include some meditation and energy work


Trauma-Informed Yoga & Yoga for Anxiety & Depression includes breathwork and meditation. For kids yoga or yoga for individuals with special needs, click here.