Energetic Wellness Testimonials

Several years ago, the Universe led me to Danielle Rae when it knew I needed her the most. From taking weekly Reiki Sessions and Angel Healing Circles with her for years, to deciding to embark on the Reiki Journey myself in 2017, becoming a Reiki Master via Usui Lineage, Danielle was in my ears, in my heart, and by my side each and EVERY step of the way. From in studio to late night texts and phone calls – she embraced me and reminded me this is not a destination, this a journey, and she was certainly along for the ride!

Danielle taught me that being ‘Spiritual’ doesn’t mean you have to be vegan, tree-hugging, and enjoy walking outdoors barefoot (no offense to those all of the above), but, rather, that being ‘Spiritual’ consisted of speaking and living your truth, while standing in peace and service to all being with the deepest realm of gratitude for each day. It is a lifestyle, not a trend.

For those looking into exploring/embarking on their Spiritual Journey, those with questions, those wanting to experience, or even learn/teach Reiki Healing, to those who just want to be in a space of gratitude with like-minded people; I encourage you to follow, explore, and reach out to Danielle Rae.

My life completely changed the day I met her, and me sharing this with the world, is doing what I was taught – sharing the love and gratitude full circle. I wholeheartedly thank you Danielle Rae; and as always, the divine light in me bows to the divine light in you.
All my love,


After experiencing traumatic events in the course of my life especially domestic violence during my first marriage my daughter was exposed to chronic domestic violence and unfortunately, experienced child abuse which lead her to have PTSD, Anxiety and depression. 
She has received continuous therapy throughout the years,  but it wasn’t till Danielle started working and helping her that I saw a huge shift in my daughter’s emotional and physical wellbeing. She has had a true intuitive awakening and is healing.  
She is finding more  joy and smiling. She is becoming a victor and learning to be more empowered. 
We have both experienced a spiritual awakening and have started a huge healing process like never before. I thank god that Danielle came into our lives. She has been a true beam of passionate and loving light healing force of energy and I am eternally grateful.


Danielle’s online Chakra classes were truly insightful and helped to further what little knowledge I had of all the Chakras. She has this unique ability to go in depth and really help you understand and see how each chakra works and how they are connected to situations and/or any diseases in our lives and how to clear them. Danielle is very gifted and I always highly recommend people to take her classes.

Danielle C

I took Danielle’s Explore the Chakras Classes and I can honestly say that it was very informative and eye-opening. Everything that has been taught and said in the class made sense and I was able to apply it to my everyday life. I was able to apply her teachings in order to raise myself from the rut that I have been for years. It is also great that it was online and I have the recordings to look back onto. I absolutely loved the class and look forward to participating in her future classes.


To know Danielle is life changing.
You will learn things about yourself, energy, the Universe, countless spirit guides and Archangels and so many things that will make you realize so much about how and why you feel the way you do.  I have had many “ah-ha” moments with Danielle that have changed me forever.
Danielle treats all of her clients with love and respect and gives all of her energy to whatever it is you choose to work on with her.
She is an incredible light worker and my entire family and I are lucky to know her! You will undoubtedly feel the same.


I was guided to Danielle about a year ago, and right from my first meditation class, I knew she was going to change my life.  Her wisdom & genuine caring for her clients is very evident from the beginning.  As I continued with Danielle I was guided to study under her teaching , and am now a level 2 Reiki, working towards becoming a Reiki Master so I can share this healing modality with others.  In the year I’ve been seeing Danielle for private sessions, workshops, meditations and classes, I am a different person, for the better!  It’s a wonderful journey  of self discovery and healing, that I will continue on!  I highly recommend Danielle to anyone who wants to improve their lives, work on yourself, or just quiet your mind.  Once again, Danielle is a caring, genuine, special soul.  Go to one of her classes-you won’t regret it!  Namaste.


I was referred to Danielle approximately 8 years ago after the passing of my daughter two years before. I was seeking answers to the many questions I had and how best to manage my spiritual growth. With Danielles guidance, knowledge and passion I’ve learned to quiet the mind (perpetual work in progress), became a Reiki Master and met many great people. Danielle is a truly gifted and selfless individual who has dedicated herself to helping others uncover their souls journey. Proud to call her a mentor and friend.


I have been taking Danielle’s 8 Series Chakra Class,  Angel Class and healing with the Angels 2x a month. I am so thankful for the love, support and guidance Danielle has been providing me. As a certified yoga instructor, I did learn about chakra’s but I have learned more about the chakras and myself during this time of healing with her. In addition, we are doing all classes on Zoom so I am able to revisit and continue the healing on my own. Of course this is a spiritual journey so thank goodness Danielle is always a text away. xoxo


Danielle came into my life about 7 years ago and her guidance and friendship shifted my vibration forever!  Danielle opened up the world of meditation and Reiki healing to me and I am grateful that she was my teacher in this spiritual endeavor.  I am now a Reiki Master, angel card intuitive and guided meditation leader and coach.  My life is better because of Danielle and all of this and therefore, the world is a better place!  Namaste!


Yoga Testimonials

There aren’t enough words to describe how indispensable Danielle Rae is to my family. She has the patience of a saint and is determined with a capital D! Truly she sets the bar high for not only a professional service provider with special needs clients, a Reiki provider, yoga instructor and a loving support to parents.


Miss Danielle taught yoga at my school in Brentwood for 7 years. All the children were able to participate and loved it. the teachers too. Her program added so much to all our lives

Chris Walerius

Miss Christine and Miss Danielle are amazing yoga instructors for special needs children, adults or students.  If you have children or a family member who needs exercise that is gentle and repetitive and is easy to follow, these are the greatest yoga teachers for you and your family members, or classrooms.

My son started lessons at his school with Miss Danielle at age 10 in a small group setting and had support from his 1:1 aide that had faded over the years.  He became so amazing at yoga that Danielle called me and recommended I come see him at school.  I was blown away!  This prompted me to get him private lessons with Miss Christine who has become an amazing support for my son to continue to grow into an accomplished yogi. During the Covid shut down, zoom yoga sessions were a lifeline to keeping my son calm and engaged with his beloved Miss Christine.  Our whole family has been amazed to see our son, who has a very hard time staying focused for more than a few minutes do a 45 minute yoga class all the way through and love it!  
Thank you Miss Christine and Miss Danielle
With Love and Gratitude,

William Hein and The Hein Family

Danielle Rae helps my 5yo immensely. Adding weekly yoga and meditation has helped her to become more aware of her feelings and her ability to express them in ways we can understand. Life is much calmer. THANK YOU


Our daughter has been with Danielle for over 3 years now and has provided her with the tools necessary to self soothe in her every day life. Danielle takes into account our daughters individual needs into her sessions. Whether it’s carrying over ABA methodology or adapting to unpredictability of a child with special needs. She has provided our family with additional support in an effort to bring calm to our home. Our daughters teachers have commented on what a difference yoga has brought to our daughters life. We are so thankful for Danielle. 

Eternally Grateful Parent

My son has been doing yoga with Danielle for the past 4 years, he loves it. It wasn’t
easy at first because he was running all over but Danielle have the  ability, experience
and patience to turned it around with the way she cares about her students. It’s amazing
to see how far he has come and how much he loves doing yoga.


I hired Danielle Rae for weekly yoga instruction at my child care program in Suffolk County for children ranging in age from 24 Months through age 12.
Danielle Rae was responsive to the individual needs of the children and incorporated classroom themes and educator feedback. She communicated with the children’s families and encouraged our educators to practice simple yoga poses and techniques as supports in their classrooms. She also ran adult Yoga Workshops for our program and presented Yoga professional development opportunities to inform our educators on the benefits of Yoga in early childhood classrooms. During that time, Danielle’s clientele grew into the need for an independent studio and she sadly left our program after 7 years with us. We were sad to see her leave but will always have great admiration for her dedication to young children and the practice of yoga.