About Danielle Rae

Danielle Rae Bonfanti

Danielle committed her life to service, supporting her clients of all ages, levels, and abilities to live their best lives through energy healing, yoga, breath-work, meditation and transformation work with coaching. Danielle began her journey to self-healing, yoga, and meditation in 2000. By 2010, she completed her training as a Yoga Instructor, Children’s Yoga Instructor, Special Needs Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master/teacher and began to connect deeply with her intuitive capabilities. She continued to learn, serve, and evolve. She is passionate about how energy work, coaching and learning energetic wellness tools can heal and transform people’s lives. 

Reiki Master/Teacher
EFT, EFT Energy and TFT Master Tapping Practitioner
Sound Healing
Angel Therapy, Healing and Oracle Readings
Breath-work and Meditation
Yoga Teacher ERYT, RCYT (Specializing in Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga for Special Needs Individuals and Children’s Yoga)

It has been 15 years since I chose to follow my calling, open a studio, teach in school districts, host trainings and seminars, become a coach, be a mentor, lead transformational retreats and to own being an energy healer and intuitive. I now mostly teach via Zoom so I can reach people all over the country. 2020 blessed me with freedom. I am still doing live offerings in Abingdon, Va, Long Island NY, and on retreats!

My mission is to serve, guide and provide my students and clients with tools to live their best lives. I meet them where they are on their journey.

These days I stand in my truth as an eclectic energy worker, intuitive and coach! I am trained in Reiki Usui lineage, and I have been teaching it since 2012. I am passionate about energetic wellness and teaching people how to clear, protect, heal, and realign their energy. In addition, I coach to teach people how to identify what needs healing and provide tools and support after session. It has become one of my missions to enable people to heal their lives through understanding the energetic body, connecting to their own intuition through meditation and teaching those to understand the energies of the universe. I believe everyone should have an energetic healing modality, which is why I am committed to teaching Reiki.

 As an empath and intuitive guide, I have found balance by learning energetic and spiritual tools and techniques. I am committed to helping others discover their self-empowerment tools. Whether you are healing disease, dealing with physical pain, recovering from illness, healing trauma, looking to learn healthier ways to live and to co-create  a life that serves your highest good, I am here for you.

In 2010 after becoming a yoga teacher and running the Long Island chapter of the Pajama Program, I realized my love for bringing yoga to children and individuals with special needs to empower them to live healthy, balanced lives. I specialize in working with individuals with special needs, children with intuitive abilities and those who are empaths (energy sensitive). I created DVDs for children of all abilities, a Special Needs Yoga teacher training, private, group and school programs and trainings. I continue to train teachers and place students and programs with them


From an early age, I knew I was connected to a higher energy source.  I knew I was an empath although I would not have been able to express it at the time. I was sick all the time due to picking up the energy of others and was receiving premonitions I was not ready to deal with and blocked it out. My intuition and empathic abilities all but disappeared as my role as a wife/mother and who I was supposed to be based on learned societal beliefs had consumed me. It was on the journey back to my authentic self in my late twenties that I found my life’s work, which is to serve, to be and spread light and empower others to do the same. 

I was dealing with anxiety and was sick often. I had small children, a home to run and had already lost both my parents. I discovered yoga, meditation, and affirmations as well as regular energy work in my twenties and it was helping quite a bit. So, I kept doing what felt good to me as part of my daily life practices. In 2007, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I was told that the disease was treatable but that I would have it for the rest of my life.  This did not resonate with me at all. I was sure that I could cure myself using the techniques I had been working with. I watched as my self-care practices healed my life. I witnessed that when I was healing the energetic root cause of the disease, (my triggers, emotions, and unhealed traumas), I was able to heal myself completely and this inspired me to dive in deeper. Shortly after, the doctor sat in amazement as he looked at my latest cat scan results and saw that I was completely cured.

In 2010 I trained and became a Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor. All along I asked the Universe, ‘how may I serve.”  I kept learning and doing different energy modalities, meditating, practicing, and discovering who I am. All the while I kept asking the Universe, “how may I serve.”  This led me to volunteer for a few years as the president of The Pajama Program, Long Island Chapter. For years, I would read to and deliver PJ’s to kids in need. It was one of those children who inspired me to teach kids yoga. “Yo Miss Danielle, if you come from love anything is possible” said this 5-year-old boy. That led me to one of my missions as a yoga teacher. 

The gifts I had as a child that were lying dormant began to return in my thirties. My intuition was expanding, and I was finding myself after years of trauma being healed. After becoming a Reiki Master my gifts as an empath and intuitive magnified quickly. I was also mastering tools to support being an empath and intuitive. When my sister passed away in 2012, my connection to the Angelic Realm deepened even further. All the while I had been asking, “how I may serve.” This would lead me into community where I began teaching, seeing clients, and honoring my journey!

“How may I serve” was the space I have held along my journey not only for my self-healing, but also for my life. I am grateful because it has personally grown me, and I am living my best life helping others.