Meditations & Classes

Danielle Rae’s personal healing journey has taught her that the key to a balanced mind, body and soul is knowledge of what works best for you and having tools and techniques to help you live your best life.  Classes and workshops are here to empower you and help you to fill your spiritual and energetic toolbox. Your journey is unique and so is our supportive studio and online class community. 

All classes include a guided meditation, and all mediations are Reiki infused. 

Hosted by Danielle Rae unless otherwise noted.  

The studio in Smithtown is still temporarily closed. All classes are Live Stream via Zoom and/or On Demand. Registration for all classes is required. Links for Live Streams will be sent via email after your purchase.

For additional payment methods, please contact Danielle.

Live Stream

Healing with the Angels: Meditation & Reiki

This is Danielle’s signature class and meditation. She channels the class discussion and guides an angelic meditation that is intended to serve the group. During this class everyone receives Reiki. Class includes angelic messages or angel card readings unique to the group. 

Every 3rd Wednesday 7pm
60 minutes, $20,
Live Stream via Zoom EST,
Replay available for 7 days

Pop Up Meditation

These meditations vary in topic but include all things energy! Inspirations may include chakras, new or full moon, angels, healing, cord cutting & clearing, intention setting and general well-being meditation.  

Upcoming Meditations:

Chakra Meditation
June 1st, 7pm Eastern
60 minutes, $20
Live Stream via Zoom EST
Replay available for 7 days

Please bring sage, a candle and a pen if possible. Join Danielle Rae for a brief discussion and Reiki infused meditation Via Zoom Live Stream or on Replay

Note* Meditations can be brought to your private group of 5 or more at the studio or online by appointment. 

Understanding and Benefiting from Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury goes into retrograde on 5/10 and the shadow period is 4/25. You may have heard all about the negative effects of this time and even about the purpose which is to Rethink, Reflect, Revisit, Review, Rediscover and REST. We will be discussing all of it!

Mercury in Retrograde Class will cover:

What Mercury in Retrograde is
How it effects us, technology & communication
The Shadow Periods (before and after retrograde) How to use this time period to best serve you & benefit from it
Short Meditation

Cancelled Investment $25
Live Stream via Zoom EST
Replay available for 7 days

Healing for the Healer
A Retreat for Empaths & Lightworkers

  This is a mini retreat designed for empaths, light workers and all who give of themselves. This day is designed so that you can heal, recharge and connect with your inner healing light. 

This Zoom Live Stream (or replay) Mini Retreat is all about YOU! We will come together to heal the healer in a supportive high vibration community. The day will include Sound Healing & Chanting, Chakra Healing, Heart Link Activation, Energy Tapping and Healing & Meditation for the healer. All will be Reiki infused. 

TBD Investment $111
Live Stream via Zoom
Replay available for 7 days

Get Intuitive

Deepen your connection to yourself and your higher power by strengthening and understanding your intuition. We have all experienced moments we knew were going to happen or felt guided in a certain way. This class is designed to enhance your meditation practice, expand your intuition and teach you how to use it to better your life. You will learn about your Claire’s and strengthen your inner awareness. Classes includes guided Reiki infused meditation. 

Investment $44
Live Stream via Zoom EST
Replay available for 7 days

4 Week Intro to Archangels Series

Have you been wanting to become more knowledgeable and deepen your connection to the angels and archangels? Join Reiki Master and Angel Intuitive Danielle Rae for this beginner angel series part 1!

Class one will introduce you to the angelic realm and cover why, how, when and ways to heal with the Archangels. Classes 2-4 will focus on one archangel at a time followed by a guided meditation with that angel.

Series One: 

Introduction, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Haniel

There is a part two series as well which includes 4 more angels. Dates will be announced.

The beauty of Zoom is that each class is recorded and the meditation is recorded separately so you can enjoy the audio or video on its own, anytime. You will have a library of 4 meditations you can download after series one!

Classes will include handouts for reference.

Class 1: The Introduction 75-90 min

Class 2-4: Individual Archangels 60 min

Registration is required

Investment $111
Live Stream via Zoom EST
Replay available for 7 days

Power of Affirmations, A High Vibration & Visualization

Our energy or vibration reflects our life! What we are experiencing emotionally and physically in our daily experience is a direct reflection of our vibration. When we feel good mentally and physically, we are in a good place; our vibration is generally high, our thoughts are good, and we are continuing to support the success of which we are experiencing. When our vibration is low, we feel stuck, sick, tired, not aligned and likely we are attracting the same experiences that we don’t want over and over again. 

Learn how to keep and align with a high vibration, understand how visualization works and how the thoughts we think and speak are creating our lives. You will learn to recognize how your belief system may be limiting or blocking whatever you are working towards. Learn tools including affirmations, visualization techniques and ways to shift your energy.

You will be guided through a Reiki infused meditation and visualization exercise that you will easily be able to do on your own. 

Investment $44
Live Stream via Zoom EST
Replay available for 7 days

Explore the Chakras Series

Understanding your energetic body is an important tool. This course gives general understanding of the Chakras over 8 classes and supports you with a 50-page pdf manual. You will learn why both the physical and emotional bodies are affected by Chakra imbalances, ways to recognize imbalances in your Chakras and tools to enable you to keep the energetic body in flow.  This enables you to look at situations and what is happening in a different light. You are able to see yourself growing and healing. This supports your journey in a positive way. If you are a light worker or energy sensitive, this class is filled with powerful knowledge to assist you on your journey. Many find taking this course serves as a healing process in and of itself. The manual is filled with life changing easy tools to help you support your energetic body and your healing journey.

Each class will include a discussion and guided Reiki infused meditation specific to that chakra. The meditation is recorded separately from the class so you can listen to it on audio or video.

Class is Live Stream via Zoom. Download available.
Investment: $360 (9 week payment plan available)  
Date Fall
First class 2 hours, Class 2-8 about 75 minutes

On Demand Classes

Energetic Wellness

Learn how to clear and protect your energy as well as how to cut energetic cords.

Everything is and has energy!  This class provides you with the basic knowledge to begin to understand energy, energetic alignment, and your role in keeping your vibration clear, protected.  

If you keep attracting the same experiences, feel stuck, energetically drained, ill emotionally or physically or you are looking to clear old patterns or traumas, this class will empower you. You will learn how to easily protect your energy field and how to clear energetic cords to attachments, limiting beliefs, fears and emotional pains that no longer serve you. If you are an empath (energy-sensitive), knowing how to protect your energy and clear your vibrational field with cord cutting is life changing. 

You will be guided through a Reiki infused Archangel Michael meditation designed to clear your vibration and release emotional cords that no longer serve you. This Archangel Michael meditation will help clear resistance to your highest calling and your ability to connect with your higher self and higher power. 

On Demand Class includes: 

  • Modules on Energy, Shielding, Clearing, Cutting Cords, Empathy & Journaling (1 hour of videos)
  • (2) 2 minute meditations
  • (1) 30 minute cord cutting meditation

Investment: $77
On Demand Class available via Podia

Click purchase below to see full course details.

On Demand Meditations

Energetic Wellness Meditation

This powerful 30-minute Reiki infused meditation with Archangel Michael will guide your through a shielding, energetic cleansing and cord cutting. Cord cutting is ideal when releasing deeply rooted trauma or grief, healing on deep levels and or when you are looking to clear cords that bind you to limiting beliefs, stories, emotions, or situations you are wanting to release. 

(Note: This meditation is included in the Energetic Wellness Class)

Background music track “All Loving Angel” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.”

Available for download via Podia

Archangel Michael Meditations: Energetic Clearing and Energetic Shielding

These Archangel Michael meditations were designed to be listened to separately. They will support you in developing rituals to keep your energy shielded and clear.
The Energetic Shielding Meditation is 10 minutes and is ideal for morning meditation. During this meditation we will call upon Archangel Michael, the angel of protection to protect and guide you on your day. 
The 20 minute energy clearing meditation is perfect for the end of the day or anytime.  Archangel Michael is the angel who helps rid the world of fear and toxic energy. This meditation is ideal when energetic cleansing is needed. 

Meditations are Reiki Infused.

Background music track “All Loving Angel” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.”

Available for download via Podia

Archangel Raphael Healing Meditation

You will be guided by Danielle Rae through a reiki infused Archangel Raphael healing meditation. 

Background music track “All Loving Angel” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.”

Available for download via Podia

Rainbow of Light, Chakra Meditation

This easy flowing rainbow meditation combines visualization and easy positive affirmations to leave you feeling balanced. This 11-minute meditation is appropriate for children 10 and up. Wonderful for family meditation. 

Background music track “All Loving Angel” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.”

Available for download via Podia


Reiki Certifications

Have you been wanting to study Reiki? Everyone has the ability to learn and facilitate Reiki. Reiki level one is ideal if you want to add Reiki to your self-healing modalities. If you are looking to attain all of the knowledge of Reiki and share this with the others you will complete all of the Reiki Levels. Danielle teaches level 3 and the Reiki Master as one class.

Classes are offered livestream via Zoom. Classes are available for download and replay.

For more info on Reiki click here

Reiki Level One/Self Healing 

Reiki level one will enable you to activate the natural healing ability we all have access to. We cover the history of Usui Reiki, energy healing, energy clearing and scanning, cord cutting, hand placements for healing and the level one attunement. This training will enable you to do self-healing which leads to transformation and growth. Danielle is an angle Intuitive there is some angelic healing taught with this class. This class is idea for those on a self-healing journey and those interested in energy work. After graduating level one you will be invited to a graduates group which will support you on your journey. 

Required book: Essential Reiki by Diane Stiene (The book is brown). 

July 31st, 11:30am-4:30pm Eastern
Class investment $200
$50 deposit required to register*

*Deposit is non-refundable

Reiki Level Two

During Reiki level two you will deepen your Reiki knowledge, learn Reiki symbols, how to do distance healing, how to use Reiki to clear energy and receive the attunement. 

Class investment $250
Must be a level one graduate

$50 deposit required to register*

*Deposit is non-refundable

Reiki Level Three/The Master Class

This class will complete your training as a Reiki practitioner and will give you all the knowledge to successfully do self-healing and work on others including animals.  Completing the Reiki Master training gives you all of the knowledge whether you are only using it for self-care or for service. Once you have completed this you will be ready to see clients and share your knowledge.  Danielle is also here to guide you on your journey. 

Class Investment $444
Deposit $50
Must be a Level 1 & 2 graduate

Reiki Master Class Recap

This class is for master graduates of Danielle Rae’s. Class will recap the entire Reiki Training. It includes how to do full Reiki Sessions and how to pass the attunement via distance. 

May 17th 7pm Eastern
Class Investment $55
Must be a master graduate