Classes & Trainings

Danielle Rae’s personal healing journey has taught her that the key to a balanced mind, body and soul is knowledge of what works best for you and having tools and techniques to help you live your best life.  Classes and workshops are here to empower you and help you to fill your spiritual and energetic toolbox. All classes include a Reiki-infused meditation.

Live Stream Offerings

Live Stream classes, workshops and trainings will empower you with energetic tools, meditation and techniques to live your best life! 

Live training and classes are taught via Zoom EST time. Class is delivered to the email associated with your payment 30 minutes prior to start time. Check your spam if you don’t receive it. Recordings of the classes are sent to all registered guests within an hour after class. Please download to save your recording. All classes are hosted by Danielle Rae.

For additional payment methods (Zelle or Venmo), please contact Danielle.

Healing with the Angels: Meditation & Reiki

Danielle Rae’s signature class includes a different energetic discussion, angel messages, channeled meditation, angel healing and Reiki. This is a 60 minute class every third Wednesday of the month,
$20 exchange. Reiki.

Every 3rd Wednesday 7pm EST
60 minutes, $20,
Live Stream and Recording via Zoom
Recording available to Download

Full Moon Workshop

Embracing the Full Moon:
Releasing expectation and stepping into allowance. Workshop includes Ceremonial Writing, Guided EFT Tapping, Energetic Healing & Cord Cutting as well as Meditation.
$40 exchange.

July 21st, 10am-12pm EST
120 minutes, $40,
Live Stream and Recording via Zoom
Recording available to Download

Energetic Wellness Small Group Coaching Program

This program will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to step into your empowerment and flow. Everything is energy including your mental and physical health, your triggers, limited beliefs and all of your experiences. You are meant to grow, heal, learn and be your authentic self. We will dive deep into understanding the energetic body, the chakra system as well as what is going on within and around you to best understand yourself, your needs and intentions now and as you move forward.

90 minute sessions include a discussion, coaching, EFT Tapping, energy healing, meditation. and energetic wellness exercises. As well as a separate recorded meditation to support that week’s chakra. Over 15 hours of wellness offerings!

Attendance is suggested, absences are understood. All classes and meditations are recorded and downloadable. Class size is limited to 8 people.

Summer program is Tuesday 7/23 to 9/10 at 7pm EST. Contact Danielle to grab your spot! 516-526-2334

Reiki Certifications

Have you been wanting to study Reiki, a Japanese energy healing modality? Everyone has the ability to learn and facilitate Reiki. Whether you are looking to self heal or practice with others. Reiki is a simple and powerful energy healing modality that supports healing the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Danielle Rae has been teaching Reiki and mentoring teachers since 2012 and loves to support others in learning energy healing! The Reiki Master Certification program is taught over a few months in 4 levels. 

Classes are offered livestream via Zoom. Classes are available for download.

For more info on Reiki click here

Reiki Certification Program 

Reiki Level One will enable you to activate the natural healing ability we all have access to. We cover the history of Usui Reiki, energy healing, energy clearing and scanning, cord cutting, grounding, Reiki hand positions, and the level one attunement. This training will enable you to do self-healing which leads to transformation and growth in a gentle yet powerful way. Level One focuses on healing of the physical. Danielle is an angel Intuitive; there is some angelic healing taught with this class. This level is ideal for those on a self-healing journey and those interested in energy work. After graduating level one you will be invited to a graduate’s group which will support you on your journey.  

Reiki Level Two will deepen your Reiki knowledge. You will learn Reiki symbols, do distance healing, and use Reiki to clear yourself, others and the environment. You will facilitate a full Reiki session and receive the attunement. 

Reiki Level 3 and Master level is a 2 day training and will complete your training as a Reiki practitioner. It will give you all the knowledge to successfully do self-healing, work on others, a situation, the planet and animals.  Completing the Reiki Master training gives you all of the knowledge whether you are only using it for self-care or for service. Once you have completed this certification and practice your new skill, you will be ready to see clients and share Reiki.  Danielle is also here to guide you on your journey via continued mentorship and or guidance as you would like to teach. 

Required book: Essential Reiki by Diane Stiene (The book is brown). 

Each of the 4 levels are taught from 11:30-5pm EST, the investment is $222 per level, $50 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your space. Balance is due 2 days before class. 

Reiki Level One is offered 2 or 3 times a year followed by the continuing levels for graduates. Please contact Danielle to be placed on the upcoming class list if registration is not open. Next Offering in Summer 2024.

Private Self Study options are also available. 

Reiki Level One
September 14th, 11am -5pm EST
Offering $222
Deposit amount $50
Live Stream and Recording via Zoom
Recording available to Download

Pay in Full Deposit


Recorded Offerings

Classes and workshops have been recorded for your convenience. Some are live stream recordings with an audience and others are pre recorded. All recordings are marked accordingly. The recorded offering will be sent to the email associated with your purchase within 24 hours. Please save your class by downloading it. Classes may be removed or rotated. Please contact  Danielle with any questions or any issues.

Enhance Your Intuition

Are you ready to deepen your intuition & learn to lead from it?

Learn to Tap into your intuition, expand it and use it in daily life.
You will enhance your meditation practice, expand your intuition and have more tools to connect with your intuition and live your best life! Class will cover the Claire’s and includes exercises to expand them. As well as deep energy healing, cord cutting and meditation.
Whether you are just beginning your journey or deeply connected to your intuition you will benefit!

120 minute class and meditation
Exchange $44
Live Stream Recording with Audience
Recording available to Download

Understanding & Supporting the Energetic Body

This 45 minute class provides you with knowledge and tools about energy, being energy sensitive as well as why and how to shield and clear your energy and environment. Class includes a 2 minute shielding and clearing meditation that is not angelic and a separate 20 minute Archangel Michael shielding and cord cutting meditation. This course was created to empower you with tools that will support your energetic hygiene and overall quality of life.

Class and Meditation
Exchange $33
Recording available to Download