What is the Chakra System?

Does your energetic body need your attention? There are thousands of Chakras that make up your energetic body. The 7 main Chakras are located along the central energy channel from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakra means disc or wheel. The wheels spin when functioning properly. The physical body is a manifestation, a reflection of our energy bodies. Therefore, it is so important we maintain our chakras.

Each Chakra is represented by a symbol, sound, element, color and has a function, purpose and challenge.

When our Chakras are balanced, we feel: Centered, aligned with flow, happy, creative, secure, empowered, safe, intuitive, living with purpose, healthy, authentic and we can communicate effectively

When our chakras need our attention, we feel: stuck, wanting to isolate, ill, depressed, anxious, fear based, guilty, angry, aligned with disfunction and or deceit, not worthy, disconnected from our higher power, poor self-image, not confident or worthy

Ways to stay in flow:

Meditate daily

Do yoga

Carry Quartz crystal

Practice giving & receiving equally

Practice gratitude

Spend time in nature

Receive energy work

Use Affirmations

Affirmations help us to stay balanced, align with new beliefs and raise our vibration. Breathe and feel that words and the energy behind them as you repeat and affirm often.

I flow with life.

I trust and flow my intuition.

I am healthy.

I am open to all that is for my highest good.

I love life and life loves me.

I am one with the universe.

I am balanced, whole and complete.

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